You made the choice to own a Honda or Acura vehicle, undoubtedly one of the best vehicles on the road today, a wise choice indeed. You wouldn’t just let anyone work on your Honda or Acura vehicle would you? Of course not!

The ToyoMotors team provides high tech service and repair along with the convenience and personalized service of a smaller family owned facility. Our staff of factory trained technicians provide the highest level of Honda and Acura expertise! We are not just an excellent alternative to dealer service in Phoenix, we are the answer!

Is your vehicle currently under Warranty?
No Problem! Repair and service at ToyoMotors Auto Care will not only keep you compliant with your Honda and Acura manufacturer’s warranty, but we can also assist you to get even more out of your Factory Warranty. (For more information see Our Guarantee)

We are a
Certified Independent
Honda Acura Specialty Service and Repair Center that offers:


  • Master Technicians with Factory Training.
  • Fully computerized shop with exclusive Honda and Acura service equipment.
  • We have been granted access to Honda Information Systems
  • Ongoing training aftermarket and online support.
  • We use superior Parts, Original or better quality!
  • Our Warranty is better than the dealer in many cases.

Our Honda and Acura auto service helps to simplify your life with a low cost, personalized service alternative. From major engine repair to simple oil and filter change, our expert auto care service will prove to be a prompt and satisfying experience for
you and your
Honda and Acura vehicle.

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for New Customers.

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Treat yourself to Honda and Acura maintenance and repair service at ToyoMotors. Serving Scottsdale, Glendale, Phoenix and surrounding areas.

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